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new found internet radio station – Texas Music Theater Radio

So we all know when it come to Texas Music on the internet, has been setting the bar for years and still continue to program in some of the best tunes around. Recently we heard about a new (to us) internet radio station that is called Texas Music Theater Radio (TMTR for short). It’s got a really great format and Kelsey, one of our members here at Galley, got to get an interview with Gary Barton the Program Director from

How did the Texas Music Theater Radio get started? We were trying to come up with a way to build on our Texas Music Concerts at the Texas Theater when Jerry Camp and Mark Holder came up with the Internet radio idea. It started out Rock’n Roll with Texas Music but the Texas Music soon took over and we are now Texas Music ONLY 24 hours a day – 7 days a week.

How did you get started in radio? I started out as a Mobile DJ doing parties, weddings, etc which led to being a Club DJ in Ft. Worth. There I met a friend who was a major market station DJ and was the head of the Columbia School of Broadcasting. He taught me what to do and we put together an air check tape which landed me a job at station in Granbury.

What are some of your favorite guests who have stopped by the studio? There are so many so I will only list some of them as I’ve been playing Texas Music for 12 years. Let’s see….Cross Canadian Ragweed, Deryl Dodd, Cooder Graw, Miranda Lambert, Rusty Wier, Pauline Reese, Brandon Jenkins, Ray Wylie Hubbard, Mike Clifford, plus many, many more. The funniest : Larry Joe Taylor with Davin James – The James/Taylor Show !

How are the DJs hired? Actually, the DJ’s consist of Mark Holder (runs sound and everything else at the Texas Theater), Rick Fontaine (who helps run sound at the Texas Theater), Jerry Camp (owner of TMTR and the Texas Theater) and myself (I also book the acts that come into the theater). The way the station has taken off, this is something we are going to have to look at soon.

I’ve looked over your vast play list selection in amazement…who are some of your favorites? There are so many and I am also friends with several of the artists. For the tried and true : Larry Joe Taylor, Brian Burns, Chris Wall, Gary P. Nunn, Ray Wylie Hubbard, Asleep at the Wheel, Deryl Dodd, Radney Foster and Rusty Wier. Other artists : Cross Canadian Ragweed, Cooder Graw, Jack Ingram, Pat Green, Brandon Jenkins, Drew Womack, Randy Rogers Band, Jason Boland, Owen Temple, Pauline Reese, and Jon Christopher Davis.

Do you get to attend many shows and have you ever visited before? That was my 1st trip to Galleywinter.Com but believe me, it won’t be my last. As you know, we are telling everyone about Galleywinter. I am the MC and booking agent for the Texas Theater, therefore, I’m very fortunate to get to see Texas Music Shows every weekend.

What’s ahead for the TMTR? Full Steam Ahead !! We plan to keep doing what we are doing so Texas Music can be heard all over the World, and of course, keep adding to the play list.

Here’s your free plug…tell those who don’t know yet why they should listen to TMTR! We play the best music in the world, all over the world — TEXAS MUSIC ! It just doesn’t get any better than TMTR.

When you get a chance go check out

You can get in touch with the guys over at TMTR anytime: Gary Barton – Program Director 972-938-2111 ex 202 972-923-1569 after 3pm at the theater


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