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Jub Jammin’ to New Highlights

We got to jam with the boys from KTCK 1310 The Ticket last Friday night. George Dunham’s Jub Jam was one for the books, with Dunham and company raising $130,000 for The Senior Source. We’ve got a few highlights from the evening:

The night opened with Jub Jam alumni Steve Helms, Bobby Duncan, and Michael Padgett hitting the stage alongside “the rookie” Isaac Hoskins.

Isaac Hoskins

Michael Padgett

Steve Helms

Bobby Duncan

Our River Jam 2021 veterans, The Thieving Birds, followed up with some bluesy rock ‘n’ roll…

Prophets and Outlaws followed up to add the country soul

Matt Boggs

Stevie G

Matt Boggs

Johnny Cooper

Johnny C and Stevie G

Next the home team, George Dunham’s Bird Dogs, took the stage

Finally, Josh Weathers brought the heat to cap off the night.

We’ve also got some video highlights on our YouTube channel.


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