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Jub Jam Turns 10

Those of you that have followed our little website over the years know our love for Sports Radio 1310 “The Ticket.” We squeeze in Ticket references on our Twitter feed and in our articles on a regular basis to signal our allegiance to the little radio station that could. It’s part of the fun of being a P1, an all-inclusive cadre of folks who have followed a radio station that started out as an experiment that many predicted would fart and fall over. Instead, it birthed an entire genre of radio that has been copied but never duplicated. In January The Ticket will turn 27, with the Marconi award winning broadcasting as strong as ever (congrats guys on your 2021 Marconi, showing the rest of the industry how it’s done, yet again).

We’ve been fortunate enough to find a fan in George Dunham, long time morning drive time host and fellow lover of Texas and red dirt music. Ten years ago, after experiencing the challenges of caring for aging parents, Dunham found a mission for his fledgling red dirt band, The Bird Dogs. He and his bandmates reached out to the few music connections he had in the scene to put on a charity event known as “Jub Jam.” Its purpose was to raise money for The Senior Source, a charity who assists senior citizens in need of a little extra help.

During it’s inaugural year, George goaded his close friends into buying tickets for his event. But the begging for charity didn’t last long, because Texans will flock to good music and the P1 never lets its beloved station down. With each passing year, Jub Jam has garnered bigger attendance, talent, and donations. Wade Bowen, Flatland Cavalry, Cody Jinks, and the OG himself, Pat Green have all graced the Jub Jam stage. There’s also perennial participation from top notch, local talent in Prophets and Outlaws, Steve Helms, Michael Padgett, and our own Bobby Duncan.

Prophets and Outlaw’s Matt Boggs and George Dunham doing “Somewhere Along the Way” at Jub Jam 2017

Last year COVID lockdowns relegated Jub Jam to an online only event. While still relatively successful, Dunham and company are stoked to bring the live music charity event back to Gilley’s Dallas on Friday, November 12th.

This year’s lineup includes the aforementioned P&O, Helms, Duncan, and Padgett. Of course, Dunham’s Bird Dogs and other Ticket hosts will likely hit the stage for a ditty or two. Headlining this year’s event are Fort Worth’s Thieving Birds and the great Josh Weathers. It’s serendipitous that Weathers is top ticket for Jub Jam X, seeing that it was his heart for charity and service that inspired George Dunham to take his band in a new direction.

Dunham told us, “When Josh walked away from music about ten years ago, I was watching an interview with him on The Texas Music Scene, and how he was concentrating on his non-profit. It really gave me the idea of making The Bird Dogs a mission band… that’s when I came up with the idea of Jub Jam… it gave me a purpose for all of this.”

Both the Thieving Birds and Josh Weathers have spearheaded our annual River Jam in recent years, so our confidence is high that the Friday night tunes at Gilley’s will be lit and the fundraising goals will be smashed.

For highlights of years past, check out our previous coverage:

If that gets you stoked, there are still a handful of tickets available for Jub Jam X, so get them here:

If you can’t make it, the good news is Jub Jam X will be broadcast live on The Ticket (96.7 FM/1310 AM Dallas/Fort Worth). If you aren’t local, you can stream it by going to or downloading the SportsDay app on your mobile device. If you feel called to do so, you can donate by going to The Senior Source website or you can bid in a silent auction featuring excursions with Ticket hosts, weekend getaways, VIP seats to locals sporting events, and much more.

We’ll be covering the festivities and plan to post video, pictures and maybe an interview or two.

To donate:

Venmo: @TheSeniorSource

To bid on silent auction items, text “senior” to 56651

“Still ski on the weekend…” – George Dunham, 2021 Marconi award winning sports radio good man of the year.


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