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River Jam 24: Songwriter Sunday

River Jam has been happening in various incarnations for over 20 years. 15 years ago, we decided to extend it to a multi-day event by adding Songwriter Sunday at Lone Star Float House. Drew Kennedy was instrumental in making it happen. He headlined that first year alongside Randy Rogers. It was special. The next year found Jason Eady showing up and playing until dawn literally IN the Guadalupe River. Songwriter Sunday quickly jumped from just a cool Sunday funday idea to an annual can't miss musical moment. Sweating on your songs on the sweltering Float House porch in front of an attentitve, rapt listening audience has become a right of passage for songwriters. Many call it the coolest, most rewarding gig they play all year long. We have worked hard to cultivate a listening room vibe at a rowdy stop on the Guadalupe River. That dichotomy is often at play, but it makes the scene more visceral and memorable. This year we have quite a few rookies joining us, as well as some returning favorites. It's a youth movement of sorts. Each of the artists that will be playing for us on Sun July 14 at Float House bring something special, tangible and important to the stage. Their songs have set them apart from a crowded field and they are going to show us why. Last year we capped the songwriters night with a full band rock show from Austin Gilliam, so we decided to hand those reins over to River Jam vets and Galleywinter favs, Shaker Hymns to send us off into the night with a rock show. It's going to be a super cool and fun night, we hope you'll join us.

One of the unique things about this gig is that all of these writers are playing for tips. We pass the tip jar during each set and split the earnings evenly. The crowd has traditionally been very generous and we expect that to continue. We do have an online donation link that is available as well: SONGWRITER SUNDAY DONATION LINK

All set times approximate 3pm - Meredith Crawford, Race Ricketts, Landon Hoffman

4pm - Mason Lively, Logan Ryan, Cameron Allbright

5pm - JD Graham, The Cole Trains, John Dempsy

6pm - Julianna Rankin, Taylor Hunnicutt, Graycie York

7pm - Shaker Hymns


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