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River Jam 24: Night One

Each year we begin River Jam weekend at the home of songwriting in Texas. Cheatham Street Warehouse. Its legend needs no formal introduction. The ramshackle shack next to the railroad tracks has birthed more songs and songwriters than just about anywhere. It's as close to the Ryman as one can get in Texas. Owner Randy Rogers has kept Kent Finlay's spirit alive all while trying to steward the venue into modern times. It's a balancing act that they have pulled off well. Lucky for us, they open the doors one night each summer to co-host an event with us.

Each year booking who will play the Cheatham Street portion is given much thought. The whole weekend is really, but the Cheatham portion is a little different. You have to find songwriters who know the Cheatham tradition, fit in the San Marcos songwriter family tree to a degree, connect with the kids at Texas State and are well loved by the Galleywinter core audience. Most important of all is that we have to believe in them and their songs.

For 2024, that led us to Slade Coulter and Hank Weaver.

Slade Coulter played River Jam a couple years back on Songwriter Sunday. Alongside Jacob Stelly and with the keen guidance of Dalton Domino, Coulter has built a career on songs. He has one foot in tradition and one foot in pushing boundaries. He writes smart songs and delivers them with a full band rock punch. The perfect headliner for River Jam Night One.

Opening the show is Hank Weaver. That's a name many outside of the San Marcos scene may not know. But at last year's River Jam, a longtime Cheatham Street staffer beckoned to us "Hank's the most talented kid to come through here since Randy." Hank plays Cheatham weekly, is a student of their songwriter night and is poised for a breakout. River Jam Night One is a perfect opportunity to introduce him to a larger audience on his home turf.

We hope you'll come soak in the history and tunes with us one week from today on Fri July 12 at Cheatham Street in San Marcos.



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