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Doug Moreland

When I first had the idea of starting the 20 Questions feature I couldn’t think of anyone better to start it off with than my good friend, Texas Music Funnyman Doug Moreland. Doug has a new album entitled “Everybody Knows My Name” and some funny stories to tell. Check out 20 Questions with Doug Moreland, as we try to get to know the man behind the singing dog.

1. What’s new with Doug Moreland? New album coming out Jan 27th. New band starting the first of Feb. Exciting!

2. Where’d you record the new record, “Everybody Knows My Name”, and who’d you work with on it? I did it in Midland at NoMountain studios with Nick Carlton. Matt Skinner did the guitar work, Roger Ray did the Dobro and Steel, and Clay Corn did all the Piano. I mainly had my good friends working on it.

3. What’s the most expensive carving you have done? What was it? How much was it? And who was it for? Uncle Sam. He’s priceless. …………or $15,000……whichever comes first.

4. Who would be your dream guests (living or dead) for your weekly KVET radio show? Buffet, Carrington and Fred Eaglesmith.

5. How did you fly Holly out to Hollywood for her TV appearances since most airlines won’t let you put a dog in the plane? She gets her own seat. She likes the window seat, so I let her sit there. She has celebrity status, thats why she gets her own ticket.

6. Rate these fiddle players on a scale of 1-10: Johnny Gimble 10-My Hero Brady Black 8- I’m his hero…..haha Brendon Anthony 8-I think he calls it a violin. Jeremy Watkins 7-He plays a lot of notes. Charlie Daniels 6-He’s really a better guitar player. He’s still my favorite entertainer. Bubba Daniels 1- Bubba is the worst fiddler I have ever heard. Bob Wills 6- He wasn’t a very good player, wasn’t a good singer either, but he was the most charismatic band leader ever. He invented a style of music, there isn’t much of a difference in him and Charlie Daniels. Haydn Vitera 8- Who the hell is Larry?

7. Word association: the first thing that pops in your mind about the following people: Cory Morrow – Owes me money. Sammy Allred – Cranky Dan Garton – My best friend George W. Bush – President…….I’m behind him 100%. Billy Applegate – My other best friend. Kevin Fowler – Hard worker. Pat Green – Blessed. Willie Nelson – Greatness.

8. Give us your favorite memory of a gig you’ve had in each of these towns: Dallas – I played Fiddle with Dub Miller at Adair’s and had to stand on the merch box because the stage was too small. Lubbock – I shaved a guy’s head into a Mullet during a show there once. Corpus Christi – I played down there with Creager when we first met. We all got drunk on the beach at 3 in the morning and saw boobs. Me and Roger been freinds ever since. Houston – Can’t remember. Amarillo – Haven’t had one there yet……..a favorite gig that is. Waco – Brad’s (my) graduation party. Nashville – I used to play at a place called Gabes, I met Mel Tillis there once and he said I was a good fiddler. Made my day. Any town in Canada – I played in Calgary for two weeks once. The band we had sucked, but it was a great time.

9. Tell us about your experiences in the Dinner Theater. How’d that come about? South Plains College. I owe everything to them. That’s how I got the dinner show in Ruidoso. The whole band came from there.

10. When you crossed over into Canada with your Texas Roadhouse Band, did you have trouble at the border crossing? Not to my knowlege.

11. Favorite King of the Hill character? Boomhower, he reminds me of my uncle Ricky.

12. Are we ever going to see Doug Moreland touring with a full band? Febuary.

13. Ever been arrested? Twice

14. What’s the most popular item at your store Cattlelacs? Bears

15. Tell us the story behind writing these songs, (old and new) (he didn’t answer this one) -Easy Money -Everybody Knows My Name -Heaven or Austin -The But Song -The Beer Song

16. How many miles do you have on that pick up of yours now? I don’t know.

17. Top 5 Influences on your music. Buffet, Jack Ingram, Rodney Carrington, Bob Wills, Willie Nelson

18. Top 3 Influences on your comedy. Billy Applegate, Bubba Daniels, Derek Spence

19. Favorite George Strait song. Blame it on Mexico

20. Last but not least tell us what you think about mainstream country music/the country music establishment, or “cubicle country” as you call it. For the most part it sucks. Some good stuff sneaks through.


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