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Bleu Edmondson

1. What’s new in the world of the Bleu Edmondson Band? Writing for the new record…hopefully will be in the studio March/April in L.A. with Alex Lipsitz (Shooter Jenning’s manager)…with a live record in November/December. Winter Wolf Mardi Gras.

2. You have quite the collection of trucker hats, which is your favorite? American flag I got in L.A.

3. Word association… first thoughts that come to mind about the following people: -Roger Creager-very talented & a good friend -Ronnie Van Zandt- proud genius -Rusty Wier- under-appreciated & soulful -Larry Joe Taylor- the beach & he gave us an opportunity -Cody Canada- good heart & a rocker -Doug Moreland- funny & great promoter -Scott Owen- phenomenal picker & great teacher -Chris Knight- story teller -Owen Temple- inspiration & High School -Matt Powell- genius

4. Stories behind the following songs. -Travellin’ Man- I was driving down Hwy 290 from Luckenbach to Austin & just came up with it…figured everybody needs a running song. -Southland- It was the first song I wrote after the first record & I was listening to a lot of Skynyrd. -Little Bit Crazy- Had a bad day…came home drunk that night & wrote it in about 20 minutes. -It’s About You- No story behind it really…just wanted a kiss-off song. It was a culmination of several failed relationships. -Live Oak Lullaby- Didn’t have a love song for the first record, so I wrote one. -The Band Plays On- Saw a very good lookin, but sad woman in a bar we were playing & I just didn’t see what she had to be so sad about, everyone in the bar wanted to talk to her. -Laughing Right Out Loud- It’s about High School, hangin out in a field with my friends.

5. You learned guitar later in life than most musicians, was it something you had always wanted to do or something that just kind of happened? Just kinda happened.

6. Coby Wier is your lead guitar player and is one of the best, if not the best in this music scene. Do you ever just catch yourself watching him during a show like a fan and forget you’re onstage? Yes….all the time…..because I am a fan.

7. Give us a favorite touring memory from the following towns/clubs? -Houston- Playing Willies tour the year he didn’t have the 4th of July Picnic. -Tyler- None. -Dallas- We sold out the Gypsy Tea Room for the first time & Wade Bowen & Rusty Wier were there. -College Station- When on stage with Roger Creager at Harry’s….I was jumping around & fell off into the crowd. -Ft. Worth- Our first time to play Billy Bob’s Texas opening for JB&S & when I got up & sang with Ragweed. -Stephenville- Plowboy parties at TSU & the 2003 LJT Cookoff. -Huntsville- Playing a show with Tone Loc. -San Marcos- We really don’t play there enough. -Adair’s- Every time we play there seeing the homeless peopled dancing outside the window. -Woody’s- I can’t ever remember our shows at Woody’s (haha). -Firehouse- We’ve got a lot of friends in Houston & the Firehouse is one of our favorites to play.

8. What have been your 3 most memorable gigs? Any Larry Joe Taylor Texas Music Fest, Billy Bob’s Texas, Acuna Mexico with Ragweed.

9. You�re known as a very dynamic live performer. Do you have any rituals you do before you hit the stage? And how do you keep the energy level so high night after night? No rituals really, but I am a fan first & foremost so what is there not to get excited about….look at what I get to do for a living.

10. Top 5 influences on your music. Skynyrd, REK, Jack Ingram, Bruce Springsteen, Allman Brothers.

11. What�s in your cd player right now? Reckless Kelly, Bruce Springsteen & Matchbox 20.

12. Have you already begun writing the material for the next project and will the sound differ from what we�ve heard from you in the past? Yes & yes, it will be more rock.

13. What are your favorite cover songs to do? And what are some songs you�d like to cover but that y’all haven’t worked up yet? Dallas (a Jimmy Dale Gilmore tune), Moonshiner, State Trooper. The Night They Drove Old Dixie Down by The Band.

14. How intimidating was it to work with Lloyd Maines? Very much for the first hour, then he puts you at ease—he’s a total professional. The thought of it is more intimidating than actually doing it.

15. You lived at RRIH next to Bubba Daniels and Doug Moreland for a time. Tell us your favorite story from hanging out at the ‘compound’. No favorite really…it’s all the late night jams we had & watching the sun come up with good friends & musicians.

16. What do you like to do in your rare down-time? See a good live show. Sleep.

17. What artists have you not worked with that you’d like to? Jack Ingram, Reckless Kelly.

18. You play Larry Joe Taylor’s big shindig every year… what makes that event so special to you? The crowd, the feeling of they are all there for one purpose & seeing all of our friends in one place.

19. Favorite George Strait Song. Any Clay Blaker song he ever recorded.

20. Compare/contrast the music you and your peers are making and the stuff that Nashville is pumping out. Heart & soul versus assembly-line.

Bonus Question: Favorite Lynyrd Skynyrd tune. Mr. Banker or Four Walls of Raiford


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