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World Premiere: Sun Valley Station – “Church House”

In the modern music era, the visual arts are often as important as the auditory elements of breaking a song. Shrinking attention spans, TikTok virality and the ever present YouTube are like vintage MTV on steroids. Bands seeking to break through understand that to make things happen, they must crank out content that will be shared and discussed. This has led to an entire new career path for creative types as many of the major bands in this scene and nationwide now hire full time content creators. Some bands, like Sun Valley Station, know when to call in the big guns to aid in this endeavor. In this instance, that was calling upon Galleywinter veteran Brian “Doc Monnone (who in 2003 created the logo we still use today). Monnone has gone on to helm Big Flavor Films and make a sizeable mark with his video production in Austin and beyond.

Sun Valley Station knew that the song “Church House” justified a unique visual representation to present the song to fans. The band called upon Monnone to take Jeff Hobbs extremely personal lyrics and performance to the proverbial next level. The track is the emotional centerpiece to SVS’s debut double album DANO that releases next month. Hobbs delivers his heartfelt lyrics with matching passion that underscores the themes of regret, rebirth and restarting. Monnone’s visual flourishes support the overarching theme. And the entire project manages to preach to you without being preachy. This is a song and video you will return to again and again.


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