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River Jam by the Numbers

Number of River Jams: 22. The festival was called GreenFest in honor of Pat Green from 2002-2016. The only year the festival has taken a break since 2002, was in 2020.

Artists that have played River Jam: approximately 150

Venues that have hosted River Jam: 12

Artists playing River Jam 24: 17

Venues for River Jam 24: 3 - Cheatham Street (Fri), Billy's Ice (Sat), Lone Star Float House (Sun)

Total number of monthly Spotify streams for artists playing River Jam 24: 341,700

Price of a Lone Star or Lone Star Light at Lone Star Float House: $2

Cost to get in to River Jam 24 Songwriter Sunday at Lone Star Floathouse - FREE; but you must pay for parking and tipping to the songwriters is encouraged.

Money taken by Galleywinter at River Jam: $0. It's probably bad business, but we remain for the fans, by the fans and turn all profits over to the artists that play our event. Come support live music!

Joy found in sharing live music with like minded folks: Immeasurable


We love each of the artists playing this year and think you should listen to all of their songs, but here is 1 song each from River Jam 24 artists that you should check out immediately. All songs can be found on our River Jam 24 Playlists on Spotify/Apple. This is a YouTube playlist that starts with Slade Coulter and rolls right on through.


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