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River Jam Artist Preview: Sundae Drivers

Out of the ashes of a central Texas family band, Spivey Crossing, has emerged a formidable group known as Sundae Drivers. Powered by the unique aspect of three lead singers and twin guitars, this band has grown a sizable and loyal following across the region and state. Derrick Dutton gets most of the attention with his guitar prowess, but don’t sleep on the rhythm section of Chad Kasik on drums and Dave Pratka on bass. Holli Kasik is an emotive vocalist and Lucas Montgomery is as engaging with his mandolin as he is his vocals. Josh Williams provides a youthful spark to the seasoned vets in this outfit and it creates a one of a kind musical experience that must be seen. This is the type of band that makes dancehalls happy…they keep the dancefloor packed and the bartenders busy. Come do both of those things with them (and us) at River Jam.

Performance date/time: Sat July 13 at Billy’s Ice; approx 8pm

Years at River Jam: Two


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