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River Jam Artist Preview: Nyles Robakiewicz

Shaker Hymns is a band on the verge of breaking through. The music they make is in the vein of vintage Cross Canadian Ragweed and contemporary Whiskey Myers. There have been many bands to play in that style, but few emulate it and create their own vision of it with the verve and originality of Shaker Hymns. The San Marcos based band is led by Nyles Robakiewicz, an adept and versatile stylist both with his voice and six strings. As an ace guitarist, Robakiewicz has learned when to step on the pedal and when to throttle back. He does the same with his voice, alternating between howls, aches and straightforward gut punches. His voice crosses strains of William Clark Green with the bombast of Bon Scott. It’s all done with soul.

This is an artist and songwriter taking the lessons of the past and putting them through the grinder of the present to come out with something all his own. This isn’t a perfect debut record, but the foundation has been laid and everyone should be on notice. Come see Nyles jam out alongside Mike Valliere from Copper Chief and Mike Stanley at Lone Star Floathouse. Nyles Robakiewicz makes his Galleywinter River Jam debut on Sunday, August 1st at Lone Star Floathouse.

Years at River Jam: Debut

Twitter: @ShakerHymns


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