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River Jam Artist Preview: Kevin Galloway

Often when a band as formidable and accomplished as Uncle Lucius rides into the sunset, there’s a large gap that cannot be filled. Lead singer, Kevin Galloway, has embarked on his own, solo musical journey in a manner that both gives nods to his Lucius past and a promising future all on his own. That voice. That songwriting. It’s still there. Perhaps more clear than ever, freed from the confines of the Austin jam band vibe that Uncle Lucius did better than anyone, Galloway’s songs now cut straight to the core. When you own a song that has been viewed 34 million times on YouTube, hitting the reset button can be difficult, but Galloway has assumed his new musical journey with a smile and open arms. His Gulf Country sounds are easygoing slices of life that put the listener in distinct places and locales with the narration of one of the most distinct voices to ever rise from this state. It’s no accident that he named his first solo effort, The Change. From songs like “Don’t It Feel Good To Smile” to his amazing cover of Joe Cocker’s “You Are So Beautiful”, this album is a testament to a man, a state and a vibe. Come soak all that in with Kevin Galloway at Cheatham Street as he headlines night one of River Jam 2019.

River Jam Tickets:  River Jam Friday Tickets

Performance date/time: Fri July 12 at Cheatham Street Warehouse, approx 10pm

Years at event:  Three


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