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River Jam Day 3 - 2023

We've talked a lot about the full band shows taking place on Fri July 7 with Shaker Hymns and Graycie York at Cheatham Street Warehouse; and Sat July 8 with Jade Marie Patek and Ellis Bullard at Billy's Ice. And as awesome as those are going to be, and we hope you've got your tickets and won't be missing out, it's the Sunday acoustic jam that is the heart and soul of River Jam.

Friday tickets - CLICK HERE

Saturday tickets - CLICK HERE

River Jam Sunday. It’s the calendar setter for Galleywinter. A reset button for your musical soul. It’s our annual time to convene, commune and support the music we love in person at the coolest settings in Texas. The history of the event is well told. It started out as Greenfest twenty years ago. It blossomed and moved and changed and evolved. For the past decade or so, we have done it this way. Three days of music. Two full on electric jam out shows and an acoustic song swap day. Three venues. Two towns. Tons of fantastic music. With River Jam, we’ve always tried to highlight the up and comers in the scene while mixing in some familiar standard bearers. Our stage has played host to Randy Rogers, Wade Bowen, Stoney LaRue, Turnpike Troubadours, Uncle Lucius, William Clark Green, Adam Hood, Jason Eady, Jamie Lin Wilson, Courtney Patton, Austin Meade, Drew Kennedy, Josh Grider and more. At the time that each of them strode onto the River Jam stage they were not the household names they are now.

River Jam is the event for you to find your next favorite songwriter and that is best done by coming to the Sunday acoustic jam at Lone Star Floathouse. Come get you a burger, a bucket of beer, some Guadalupe River vibes and listen. You are guaranteed to be blown away. We don’t charge a cover. We ask that you share your money directly with the artists you dig most. We send the tip jar around with each songwriter set and split the money evenly after each set is over. It’s a proving ground. A friendly one, but a proving ground nonetheless.

Music will start around 2 and go until after sundown. Come join us at the purest song swap you’ll ever see. Come find your favorite new songwriter and song. Come enjoy the river and the hang. See you at the Floathouse on Sunday!

Here is this year's schedule:

2pm - Jessee Lee/Meredith Crawford/Jeff & Rollo from Sun Valley Station

3pm - Mark Allan Atwood, Gabe Wootton, Zach Aaron

4pm - Julianna Rankin, Lucas Jagneaux, Nate Rodriguez

5pm - Garrett Bryan, Dayne Pack, Ben Kadlecek

6pm - John Dempsy, Drew Cooper, Shane Britt

7pm - Austin Gilliam Trio


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