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River Jam Artist Preview: Dan Johnson

Dan Johnson got his start in music a little later in life than he planned, having fought a host of demons and bad decisions that trail back to his childhood. After raising three daughters, Johnson unleashed years of pent up thoughts and feelings into his pen, quickly becoming one of the most competent and underrated songwriters in our scene. He’s garnered some national attention with his personal opus, “Hemingway”, an epic concept album featuring cleverly interwoven stories and songs that draw on every part of the human experience. Our 2018 review covers it all.

Spirit, beauty, tragedy, hope and horror, Dan Johnson’s song catalog is as diverse as they come. His prose is paired with a baritone voice that’s explosive and dynamic, a necessity to properly convey the rich details laced throughout his music.

Get out to Lone Star Float House early on Sunday to catch his set. Dan Johnson is guaranteed to strike a chord in you, and don’t be surprised if you shed a tear.

Performance date/time: Sun Aug 1 at Lone Star Floathouse

Years at River Jam: Debut


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