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River Jam Artist Preview: Bonnie Bishop

Few voices are as powerful, soulful and spell-binding as that of Bonnie Bishop. Her career has seen her chase various musical muses over the years, but no matter the style, it’s her voice that shines through. It’s an instrument as recognizable as Duane Allman’s Les Paul or Brady Black’s fiddle. Identifiable, authentic, unique. Bishop is known world-wide and we are blessed that she is gracing us with her talents on Sun August 1st at the Floathouse. She will be part of a powerhouse trio of singer/songwriters during her set as she will be joined by Jade Marie Patek and Nate Rodriguez. These are 3 singers who proverbially bring it. We often talk of these Floathouse sets being church, well this is the sermon, the choir and the offering all rolled into one. Sun Aug 1 – Lone Star Floathouse

Years at River Jam: Debut


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