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River Jam Artist Preview: Bo Brumble

Bo Brumble is one of those artists that has a presence. It’s an easy one, but you notice him when he’s onstage and off. He’s multi-talented and is omnipresent around the greater Austin scene. You’re as likely to find him singing his own songs as you are enjoying someone else’s. He embodies everything that is good about the brotherhood of musicians. You can always tell when an artist spent their formative years around the church and gospel music. It informs Brumble’s artistry. Brumble is talented, supportive and appreciative. And the dude knows how to write a song and belt it out. His style is something like a Texasgrown Adam Hood. We’re stoked to have one of the best local cats doing his thing at River Jam this year.

Performance date/time: Sunday July 14 at Lone Star Floathouse, approx 8PM

Years at event: Two


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