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RIP Chad Sullins

Chad Sullins passed away unexpectedly from an aortic valve rupture on June 27, 2021.

Chad Sullins was under appreciated and over talented. He wrote great songs and delivered them in a natural style that conveyed whatever emotions he was trying to put across. This is a significant loss for the Oklahoma music scene and Red Dirt at large. While never quite reaching the top of the mountain, Sullins carved out a career that was admired by his peers, lauded by critics and attached to by fans. Sullins cultivated a strong base in Stillwater, but had diehards in every pocket of this region. His music was about the hard times in life and he made you feel every lyric. He was a poet, a friend and an independent trailblazer. Go listen to “Couple 1000 Miles” or “Hurtin’ Songs” or “Only Girl” or any number of fine Sullins’ compositions and toast his legacy.


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