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Music Premiere: Prophets and Outlaws – “Little Bit of Love”

We’ve got some feel good for you this Friday to keep you warm on what looks to be a historically cold (and snowy) weekend in Texas…

Those suited up, soul shopping gents from Big D, better known as Prophets and Outlaws, dropped a new single and video with a little bit of help from friends George Dunham and the OG himself, Pat Green.

According to lead man Matt Boggs, “Little Bit of Love” was conceived when Pat Green called his buddy George with the hook…from the golf course.

The P&O boys and PG share a common friendship through Dunham, the morning drive sports radio host at “The Ticket” in Dallas. All have performed at his annual music charity event Jub Jam, which we’ve covered in years past.

New hook in hand, George turned to P&O lead man, Matt Boggs, who tells us:

“George calls me up and says ‘Hey you’re not going to believe this, but Pat just gave me a line for a song and I think if we finish it, he might record it.'”

Soon after, he and Dunham sat down and penned the tune.

“We talked about what a ‘little bit of love’ meant and how it can be impactful now. It just seems like there is a lot of turmoil with different sides over a lot of topics. Everyone has their own opinion and we’re all dug in. Sometimes we forget that a little kind gesture, even to somebody we might disagree with, could help smooth things over and be the right thing.”

The song sat on the shelf for months, but Dunham insisted it see the light of day sooner rather than later, so the P&O boys headed to the studio with George to lay it down. In the midst of preparing, they sent the song to Pat, who loved it so much that he hopped on board to sing on the track.

In addition to spreading some love via song, the group is donating all proceeds from the single to the Little Bit of Love Foundation, which is partnering with the North Texas Food Bank to feed families across the region. Have listen, enjoy the video and feed a family by donating here:


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