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Music Premiere: Austin Meade – “Happier Alone”

Austin Meade continues to impress the hell out of us.

In a scene where artists fight for space in order to stand out, Meade is creating his own running lane. While embedded in the musical aura of the Hill Country, working alongside his compadres at the Canada’s School of Rock franchise in New Braunfels, Meade’s brand of rock ‘n’ roll is peerless in the scene. Gritty tones, catchy guitar riffs, and lyrics to melt a stoner’s mind, his songwriting emotes sensitivity but with an edge sharp enough to cut everything in its path. It’s retro, yet fresh at the same time, and we love it.

Last year the young rocker made our Best of 2019 album list with Waves and it looks like Austin Meade 2020 is gearing up for another gnarly ride.

Today we’re sharing with you the first single off his upcoming record, Black Sheep. If it’s an indicator of what’s to come, expect Meade to be at the top of our list again this year.

“Happier Alone” has all the makings of a radio hit. Co-written with his guitar player, David Willie, the somber love song is aptly being released on Valentine’s Day.

Meade told us,

“It started as my reflection on being gone. A brutally honest love song. I think some folks hang around stale jobs and relationships because they get comfortable and stop looking for happiness. Comfort is a hard drug.”

The opening guitar riff grabs you immediately, taking the wheel and never letting go. The lyrics hit equally as hard, with Meade lamenting, fearing his lifestyle won’t allow him to deliver what he wants to give and what is deserved. Then there is the chorus, a big fucking chorus that’s Weezer-esqe in both sound and it’s ability to hook you into singing along.

“Happier Alone” is Austin Meade to the core and arguably, his best work to date. Enjoy and don’t forget to support this cat over at


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