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Mile 0 2022 Line-up Announcement

Mile 0 Fest has set itself apart from its peers in the festival game by having an extremely collaborative approach to fan feedback. This isn’t merely an organization that takes the ideas thrown in the suggestion box out with the trash. This group truly internalizes and discusses what its patrons want, enjoy, don’t like and would like to improve. Starting with the second year of the festival in 2019, the Mile 0 crew ensured that fan feedback was a portion of their booking formula. A very active Facebook community has sprung up around the festival and has lobbied incredulously for several acts that eventually made the bill. There has been one name that has been present each time the lists are made and input is requested, and that name has yet to make a Mile 0 appearance.

That changes in 2022.

Ryan Bingham is atop the bill! Folks have been outright campaigning for Bingham to bring his jingle and go down to the Keys for the entirety of the fest’s existence. And now, it is happening. Perhaps the biggest surprise, and one of the biggest names, was the inclusion of Parker McCollum. The Limestone Kid is now a bonafide Texas superstar and his music trends a tad younger than that of the Mile 0 demo. He plays the Opry, and now he plays Mile 0. The kid is good and has earned his spot on top.

The rest of the names include usual suspects such as Mike and the Moonpies and Jamie Lin Wilson; along with The Topo Chico Cowboys (Josh Grider/Drew Kennedy), Wade Bowen, Randy Rogers Band, Cody Canada and the Departed, American Aquarium, Shane Smith and the Saints and so on.

Morgan Wade is set to return for her second consecutive trip, as Mile 0 2021 was a massive launching point for a career that is still heating up to mainstream recognition. Among the newbies, one of the coolest additions was that of soulful singer/songwriter/guitar slinger Zac Wilkerson. Predicting it now: Wilkerson will own any acoustic stage he is placed on. Get ready for your ears to be happy.

Mile 0 is special and the thought, care and work that goes into booking the festival is just another indication of how hard they work to make the music get to the people paying the bills. As with most things of this nature, it is fluid. By the time we arrive in the Keys it is likely a couple of these names will be traded out for others. Some acts will be added. No matter the names on the bill, it’s the vibe and people that make it special. Stoked for 2022!


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