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June 2024: A Texas Music Community of Support

For years the Texas Music scene has been described as a family.  The explosive growth of the scene over the last few years has put some strain on that familial feeling in some arenas.  Where 30 bands/artists/songwriters were typically fighting for the same gigs, it can now seem as though there are 3,000.  And the firehose of content that is required in 2024 across every sort of platform can make it difficult to discern what’s really good and what’s just playing the part.  

However, there are still moments that bring that small town community feel back.  That vibe was found in spades at Troubadour Fest last weekend in College Station.  Let’s start with just the musical line-up and then we’ll circle back to everything else.  The headliner was 90’s country legend Travis Tritt.  You may curtly dismiss him as wondering why he’s on a bill such as this, but that would be unwise.  The Georgia native has plenty of true country bonafides and a sack full of hits to back it up.  Heavily influenced by Waylon, the Allman Brothers and the Eagles, Tritt’s song canon fits in sonically with everything happening in Texas/Red Dirt over the years.  

The legend himself Pat Green was also atop the bill.  Pat has bounced all over the place from outstanding shows to some he wishes he could do again over the past decade, but the magic remains once he hits the stage.  William Clark Green remains steadfast in delivering his brand of music backed by twin guitars and imaginative lyrics.  Throw in the band of the moment, Red Clay Strays, and you’re sitting on something special.  Never mind that it was the hottest day of the year so far, the main heat was coming off that stage.  

Throw in the fact that dozens of the best bbq pitmasters in Texas were there showing off their wares and that the whole thing was taking place in the shadows of Kyle Field.  You had something supremely Texan and cool that even a hardened Longhorn could appreciate. It was a throwback to the types of one day festivals that used to be more commonplace in Texas.  There was no throwing a hip-hop or eccentric artist in to seem cool and chase clout.  It was just straight up a collection of cool country music that people that love this type of music enjoy.  And everyone got along.  Despite being in College Station, Longhorns, Bearkats, Bobcats, Bears, Red Raiders and everyone else just kind of assembled into one big community there for a good time.  The Willie way. 

When this music scene is at its best is when it has a unified purpose.  Not a splintered base and fractured attention span.  The rising tide lifts all boats.  But, flooding is a dangerous issue.  We’ve been flooded in recent memory.  Kentucky took on some of our water.  But, we’re on the rebound.

On a smaller scale than Troubadour Fest is our very own River Jam event each July in New Braunfels and San Marcos where we attempt to foster that same sense of community, camaraderie and good music.  It’s been an informal family reunion since its inception over twenty years ago.  Locations change.  The vibe never does.  We’ve been home based in Cheatham Street, Billy’s Ice and Lone Star Floathouse for quite some time now.  They each provide a different aspect of the Texas Music experience.  A mecca.  A rowdy bar.  A riverside listening environment. All surrounded by people that love the music just as much as you do. Being part of that community connects the latest generation of fans back to the OGs who came in with Jerry Jeff and Rusty Wier…and all iterations in between.

This music scene belongs to everyone.  And it’s yours to hold on to for a while.  Make sure you get out and participate.  Support the music you love.  Support the people you love.  Support the places you love.


-Our Galleywinter Listening room will be fired back up soon. Stay tuned for information on that.

-River Jam tickets go on sale next week!

-We have our favorite, but which one is yours: Guadalupe, Frio, Comal, San Marcos or other?

-It's stopped raining long enough for 9 billion mosquitoes to join the party.

-Rizz up your razzler and don't be cheugy. Join us at all of the aforementioned things.

-This month's recommended album: Taylor Hunnicut - Alabama Sound. The Red Clay Strays may be getting all the love right now and Adam Hood may have put Alabama on the map for the Texas/Red Dirt scene, but Hunnicut is carving her own path on the ferocity of her vocals and the coolness of her songs. Dig into this one and spend some time in the Alabama soul of Miss Hunnicut.

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