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June 2023: AI Goes Texas

AI is becoming more and more of a factor…in everyone’s world. Fact is it is taking over jobs, simplifying tasks, driving cars, writing essays and for the purpose of this article, even making

music. Am I writing this article or did I just put this into ChatGPT? One can’t be too sure these days. Let’s get to the topic at hand.

While AI can replace certain facets of modern society, it will never be able to fully replicate the heart and soul of music. Even if it can mimic a voice or beat to perfection. Songs come from the soul. Machines don’t have one of those. So where do we go from here?

Well, I put it to the test. Here’s the next T triple R radio smash hit. Written by our AI overlords.

[Opening riff: A twangy electric guitar playing a catchy melody with a bluesy feel.]

[Verse 1: A male voice with a slight southern accent singing about Texas landscapes and experiences.]

"Down in the Lone Star State, where the sun shines bright,

The desert wind blows through the endless night.

I've seen the cotton fields and the open range,

This Texas land, it'll never change."

[Chorus: A lively ensemble of instruments, including fiddles, banjos, and a honky-tonk piano.]

"Oh, Texas, you're in my soul,

Your music echoes through the dust and the gold.

From Austin to Houston, the heart of the West,

In Texas, we know how to sing it best."

[Instrumental Break: A rollicking fiddle solo accompanied by steel guitar and a driving rhythm section.]

[Verse 2: The male voice continues, painting a picture of Texas life and culture.]

"We gather 'round the fire, sharing stories and lore,

The cowboy's spirit, forevermore.

From the dancehalls of Luckenbach to San Antone,

Texas music, it's in our bones."

[Chorus: Repeated with energy and enthusiasm, featuring vocal harmonies and lively instrumentation.]

"Oh, Texas, you're in my soul,

Your music echoes through the dust and the gold.

From Austin to Houston, the heart of the West,

In Texas, we know how to sing it best."

[Outro: A triumphant instrumental section, building to a climactic finish.]

Is that any better or worse than some of the stuff humans are writing and performing lately? Who’s to say? But I do know that one has heart and one doesn’t.


-River Jam is nigh upon us. Just over 30 days away. Make sure you get your tickets! Friday July 7 at Cheatham Street with Shaker Hymns/Graycie York

Sunday July 9 at Lone Star Floathouse with tons of songwriters - FREE!

-The Texas Rangers are finally good again and it makes my heart happy. It's been a long cold winter of baseball irrelevance.

-Texas and Oklahoma have always been a hotbed of this type of music but strong scenes burgeoning in both Louisiana and Arizona lately.

-It's been a mild start to summer, that just means it'll be extra greasy and hot by August.

-Summer isn't just River Jam time, it means that Mile 0 will be unveiling their line-up soon.

-I miss Walmart being open 24 hours. Something about a 2am stroll through Wally World always set the soul right.

-"Of all the things I've lost, I miss my mind the most." - Mark Twain

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