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Jade’s Got Soul

When it comes to the modern Texas troubadour, few come with less bonafides and few can challenge the soulful, heartfelt delivery of Jade Marie Patek. Her original songs captivate audiences and have grabbed the ears of radio programmers across the region. Jade’s calling card continues to be her live shows where her broad vocal range and delivery garners new fans each time out. Many female artists cover the same sets of songs…things like “Angel From Montgomery” and “Me and Bobby McGee”. To truly stand out, an artist must put an original spin on those songs. Jade Marie Patek has always managed to do that. And now, due to the outpouring of fans asking for it, she’s gone in the studio and recorded 3 of her favorite cover tunes; the aforementioned “Me and Bobby McGee”, “She Wears a Smile”, and “Soulshine”. They will release to your favorite music consumption outlet starting tomorrow August 2 with McGee and the other two tracks will follow every other week through Aug 30. In the age of streaming and EPs and singles and TikTok, it’s a cool move from Patek to deliver something her fans want to hear in a unique format. Check it out, Jade’s got soul.


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