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Galleywinter Covid Concert Series

This current situation we all find ourselves in is frightening, uncertain, anxiety-inducing and difficult to process. People are sick, people are hurting, people are looking for an outlet. Our favorite bands have been taken off the road indefinitely, unable to generate any income.

But, the old showbiz adage of “the show must go on” has prevailed with the help of some online tools. Artists have flooded social media feeds with concerts from living rooms, empty bars, back patios, driveways, bedrooms and the like. It’s been a massive movement, and over the past week we’ve been in several meetings trying to develop what Galleywinter’s approach will be. How do we best foster this movement and support the artists?

We have designed an online concert series that will stream from YouTube and be available on other social platforms such as Twitter and Facebook, as well as right here on We are also in the midst of figuring out how we want to utilize Twitch. Zoom may also come in to play with some Bobby and Donovan doing some Co-Write podcasting that will end up looking like The Brady Bunch opening credits.

To help us in this venture, many artists have jumped on board. A list that includes Austin Meade, Courtney Patton, Jonny Burke, Erick Willis, Bri Bagwell, Zak Wilkerson, Johnny Chops, Jade Patek, Logan Samford, Garrett Bryan, Austin Gilliam and more!

Our first event is tomorrow night at 7pm central and featuring Jack Barksdale. The funds raised from this first concert will be donated to a charity supporting musicians and crew that are out of work or dealing with some health problems caused by the Covid19 crisis.

Hang in there everyone, we’ll all get through this together. And as we work our way through this, enjoy the content!


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