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Charlie Robison: Reaction

Damn Charlie Robison. Don’t even know what to say. Life of the Party will always be in my top 10. Thank you for all the great songs and great hangs. Sad day for sure man. Enjoy retirement and all the fishing trips you can handle! — WadeBowen (@WadeBowen) September 25, 2018

@CharlieRobison Hey buddy. Thinking about you today. Also thinking about all those times you took my money playing cards after the shows you let me open for you all those years. Cheers, here’s to a great career and some of my fav records. — Randy Rogers Band (@RandyRogersBand) September 25, 2018

My first “real” show was opening for @CharlieRobison at @GoldenlightAma when I was about 15 years old. He played Loving County that night to a packed house and I remember thinking “if I could just figure out a way to do that…” Thank you, Charlie. — Charlie✌️Shafter (@CharlieShafter) September 25, 2018

Man, I just cried big tears reading about @CharlieRobison's retirement. Maybe nostalgia for someone I listened to & learned from; maybe because he's my friend & I love him very much; maybe because that feeling hits so close to home. — Jamie Lin Wilson (@jamielinwilson) September 25, 2018

So sorry to hear the news from Charlie Robison tonight. He is one of my faves. So many great albums over a lot of years. Not afraid to cut a great song whether he wrote it or not…and he wrote some great ones. — Josh Grider (@joshgrider) September 25, 2018

Thank you @CharlieRobison. For the shows you put me on, the songs of yours I’d listen to that would inspire me to write. The career you gave to us was one that epitomized what folks like me want. The grit. The songs. The shows. Thank you. Enjoy retirement my friend. — Dalton Domino & The Sensitive Bangers (@MrDaltonDomino) September 25, 2018

Charlie Robison will always be one of my favorites. Thanks for the music and everything you did for this scene. — Koe Wetzel (@KoeWetzel) September 25, 2018

March 29, 2002 – Bonepony opened for Charlie Robison at Amos’ Southend in Charlotte, NC. I came for Bonepony and stayed for Robison. Drove home from that show to write over 200 songs in 7 months – discovering over 198 ways to write them wrong. Thanks for inspiring me, Charlie. — Charlie Stout (@charliestout) September 25, 2018


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