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Pat at 50

My entanglements with the music of Pat Green are well documented. I’ve written and spoken thousands of words about it over the last 20 plus years. The wave of energy that crested in the late 90s with Pat’s ascent is something that will not be recreated or experienced again. His affable awshucks demeanor, blazing stage presence, professional band, catalog of songs and general attitude had not been seen before and it has not been seen since. He took what Robert Earl Keen and Jack Ingram were doing next level. He leaned on guys like Walt Wilkins and Joe Ely to give him the bonafides but he did the rest of the work on the strength of his gumption, work ethic, savvy and passion.

Pat Green became synonymous with Texas and Texas Music. He took an underground subgenre that was mostly dormant and created a tapestry which has yet to ebb. It flows endlessly through trends, fads, headliners, songwriters, venues and worldwide pandemics. The world keeps spinning at large and country radio does whatever it wants, but Pat persists. As does the entire movement he created. He wasn’t the first, but he was dang sure the most impactful.

It is fairly uncertain where any of us would be without Pat Green and his music. He created an industry that has employed and entertained thousands for three decades. That can’t be understated. This website wouldn’t exist. Entire bands and venues would not exist. Festivals. Radio stations. An entire generation of musicians and songwriters wouldn’t have chased this dream without him showing that it was possible.

Pat Green turns 50 today. Few artists have ever been as mountain moving as he has been during the second half of those first fifty years. We should all be thankful he’s still around and entertaining and chasing the good times. Here’s to what the next 25, 50 years will bring from Pat Green. He’s not gone, and we’re still here!

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