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KRH Goes Big

Kylie Rae Harris has been a powerful vocalist capable of engaging audiences with story and song for many years.  She has lived more life in her short time on earth than just about anyone else her age. Love, loss, redemption, heartache and joy are things she actually knows about.  Sometimes, you hear singers sing about such weighty topics and you can tell that they’re just going through the motions. KRH does it better than just about anyone. The vocals on her new single echo all this and use her lower register in ways that we haven’t heard before.  It’s a powerful testament to the artist she has become. “Big Ol’ Heartache” is the first single off her new project and big is the proper adjective. Big vocals and big production detail a narrative of big mistakes with silver linings. Kylie Rae’s last full release Taking It Back was a statement, and this upcoming project should move the ball further down the field for her.  While female artists with Texas roots have been making noise at large (see Maren Morris, Kacey Musgraves, Miranda Lambert), Kylie Rae has been honing in on her artistic truth.  She’s always known how to write and deliver a song. It just may not have coalesced as well as it did on this project. Jam this track and get the whole thing when it drops on March 29.


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