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River Jam Artist Preview: Adam Hood

Adam Hood returns to Galleywinter River Jam and will be making his 9th festival appearance in 2022. Way back in 2005, we booked Adam into an acoustic songswap as part of Greenfest when very few people were familiar with him. Adam came down with laryngitis the day of the show but fought his way through 3 songs. Two years later, he joined us at the Antone’s Greenfest in 2007. Followed by the Momo’s Greenfest in 2009. Then of course, he headlined three years in a row with his full band set-up. In 2014, he even helped us take it to the river at Floathouse. Hood always lays down an excellent, groove-filled good time…but he seems to elevate his game ashen Galleywinter is involved. He has as much fun at this gig as the crowd does and it shows.

Hood is touring in support of his most personal music ever. The first single off his new album, “Harder Stuff” features Miranda Lambert on acting vocals and aches with the emotion and reality thy few songwriters are able to summon.

Adam will be headlining night 1 of River Jam at Cheatham Street in San Marcos. Come hear him play the new tunes and your old favorites Jade Marie Patek opens the show

River Jam Friday tickets: Adam Hood/Jade Marie Patek tickets

Performance time/date: Fri July 8, approx 9pm

Years at River Jam: 9


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